Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Happy November. Emmy here! I wanna talk today about the Gratitude. I have a notebook that I decorated all pretty for me to write down something each day that I am grateful for. I try to write a full page so it truly is me showing my gratitude and just not a quick tid bit. Today - November 6, 2012. I wrote about my gratitude for my amazing sister. I won't share the entire page I wrote but I did write about all the good times we had, how we are always there for each other and how she really is my best friend! I felt so inspired that I even scrapped a page with it! I used the new Grabbag that was just released this past weekend for DSD.

I really encourage everyone to play along in some sort of Gratitude event this month, if it be digital or not. It's always great to take time and be grateful for everything and everyone around you! 

Here is the Freebie for today  (kind of fitting, don't you think?  Although I'm sure we'll all just be happy to be done for this year!)  And sorry to those outside of the US, this won't be as useful, I'm sure!

Download HERE

Happy Election Day Everyone :)

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