Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

Well, did we all survive DSD weekend?  I had quite the weekend!  Between all the DSD fun, we also finished moving out of our old home into our new one.  It was all that crazy end stuff that I hate.  But after 13 hours on Saturday, we had the house cleaned spotless and ready for us to turn over to the property management.  And then on top of that, my Sam flooded part of the basement which in turn caused the carpet to smell like sewer.  I'm not sure if there had been a previous incident that was not handled properly or what, but we currently can't even go in the basement-the smell is that bad!  Crazy!  So, let's hope that today we get some answers and get this fixed!  My office is in the basement, and I have so many fun plans for a few kits I'm working on!

Now on to the freebie for today!  Also, starting today, I will only be leaving each day's freebie up for 24 hours.  I've been a bit lax for the first few days, but if you start noticing more and more "links have been removed", you'll know why!  However, if you miss some of the links, there will be a chance to get the full kit for free during the last week of November!  Any purchase, at either of my stores, for $5.00 or more, will get you the full kit-all at once!  So, you can choose how to get the kit!

**Link has Expired.


Janneke said...

congrats on your move! thanks for the gift!

mischalaneous said...

THANKS so much for the daily downloads. Simple and perfect.