Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great new kit and a trip to the movies

Last week I was thrilled to see Ramona's new October kit called Poisons and Potions as it was perfect for a photo I had taken of my son this summer. But also because as much as I love the Halloween themed kits I have little to no use of them since Halloween isn't celebrated in my country. This kit, however, being in the traditional Halloween colors with the themed elements was still so versatile and useful for many different none Halloween pictures. I could sit and work with this kit for hours on.

My son was getting restless waiting for the main event to start. We took our kids to Hljómskálagarður Park to listen to an outdoor concerts in July with Of Monster's and Men and even though is face is a bit sour he loved ever minute of it ..... once they started playing. I don't blame him as waiting for three hours is a bit much for a six year old.
On a completely different note, my husband and I were able to get a sitter for the kids last Friday, and not only a sitter but an over night sitter for the kids. They were really excited to go and spend time at my aunts house.This of cause left the two of us with time to do what we actually wanted to do so we were quick to get ready and head out of the house for a restaurant. We went to Askur, which is one of our favorite restaurants and then off to the movies. And it has been a long time since the two of us went to the movies together without the kids. It really felt wonderful and a little careless as well to be out without worrying about the kids.

We went to see Taken 2 and even though I really enjoyed the first one I didn't dare to look at the reviews, trailers or listen to anybody talk about it as after all this was one of those infamous number 2 films and there have been enough bad number 2 films for me to dare to have high hopes. I was very pleasantly surprised as the film was fairly good. The plot was fine - keep in mind it is a number 2 film after all ... - and I really enjoyed myself. I do have to admit that I was worried a bit before the film started as I wasn't sure I actually wanted to see it as much as I thought I did and if it would be as gruesome as the first one - could that even happen? But I do think that if you enjoyed the first one that you do not have to worry about this one, just sit back and enjoy it. I guess the best reviews I can give the film is that it is over before you know it and you wish it would have been longer!

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