Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Weigh In

I made it! First week is behind me, and I'm really happy with the work I put in! It has been an amazing week!  I feel a total shift in me, in ways I can't quite describe, but if nothing else comes of all my hard work, this would be enough!  And in little ways I just feel better, happier, a little more energetic than I did a week ago. Again, all good things that are great payoffs!

I woke up at 5 am, on a Saturday, and headed to the gym!  The only problem was, the gym doesn't open until 6 am! LOL!!  Oh well, at least I was there and willing!  I had already made plans to volunteer at a 5K/10K charity race that was donating to  Sam's school, so Mitchell and I headed out at 6:30 to help hand out water to the runners.  Next year, I will be running in the race!

I met with a trainer at Gold's Gym at 11.  I have a lot of work to do.  My VO2 levels (which measures lung capacity) was a very low 11.7.  It's a starting point.  I also purchased my first heart rate moniter and got it all programmed and ready to go!  I think this will help me to work in the right fat burning zone and make my workouts really count.  I also bought 3 sessions with a trainer.  I want to do a lot of this on my own, but it will be nice to have some direction as I go.  I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed by my experience there and how flexible Gold's was to create a plan that met my needs.  I have been to places that it feels like everything is an upsell and this was not the case.

Besides doing a sample training session and the different treadmill tests, I also got in a 20 minute workout on the treadmill. It wasn't exactly what I wanted for a last chance workout, but it was better than nothing!

After coming home, we did the weigh in!  My kids were super excited and my husband did his best Allison Sweeney impersonation!  The result:

251.4  so, 3.4 pounds lost.  I'm thrilled!  Weight does not come off easy for me, so I will take this and work to get about the same in the coming week!  Here is my picture for this week, not a lot of difference, but I think it will be fun to have a weekly photo to put altogether when I reach my goal!  It will show a fabulous transformation!

Tomorrow is my rest day!  I can't wait to sleep in (if I'm even able to!) but I'm even more excited to see what next week brings!


The Nicks Family said...

WOOHOO!!!! That is something definitely to be proud of :)

Definitely enjoy your rest day!!!

Stefanie said...

Way to go! That's an amazing first week. I am encouraged by your enthusiasm and perseverance.

JLJ Designs said...

Great job! Keep up the good work!

Bonnie said...

Great job Ramona!

Ruby said...

Awesome start with the first week!!!

Christie said...

Fantastic 1st week, way to go!

Stacy Walker said...

Ramona, you are amazing and such an inspiration! I'm so excited to see you involving your kids. What a great example you are setting for working hard to reach your goals. You go, girl!!!