Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lookin' For Adventure!

Happy Tuesday!

When someone gets a set of "wheels" it brings a sense of freedom and adventure.  Maybe it is a child with his bike or a teenager with her first car.  Most people have a lot of memories that are made with that set of wheels.  When I was a baby my family was traveling "back home" for Christmas (in a blizzard) when we ran over a tire in the middle of the Interstate, yikes!  That is just one of the many crazy stories I've heard about my parents and the road trips they've taken.

For the last couple of years the set of wheels that has brought me freedom is my double stroller.

This was especially true before my boys could walk, but even at age three there have been places we wouldn't have thought of taking our kids if we didn't have our stroller.

This stroller has been from Duluth to DisneyWorld, in shopping malls, airports, fairs, zoos, and to many doctor's appointments.  My boys will be four this summer and the stoller is near retirement.  I am happy that it has made it into so many of our photos because with out this set of wheels there are a lot of memories that wouldn't have been possible.

Do you have a set of wheels that brings you freedom, or made memories possible?  Do you have any pictures of those wheels?

Hope you have a great week!  I'll see you back here next Tuesday with more photo ideas.

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