Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today was another busy day!  The highlight of the day, though was Chipper's choir concert.  He is in Footnotes, the audition choir at his Jr. High.  He did such a great job and looked awesome!  It was nice of them to do two performances tonight so that I could go to the first and John could go to the second.  This way we didn't have to take any children and wrestle them during the perfomance! It was a verynice treat!

Leading up to that was lots of craziness.  I did some more baking while the kids were at school and made some grain free chocolate chip cookies for me. I used Stevia to sweeten it, but it didn't work quite like I planned! I think I'll need to do some more experiments!  They were yummy anyway, so I don't mind that I need to keep tweaking the recipe!  I made gluten free cinnamon pull aparts for the kids, but it turned out more like cinnamon bread. They loved it, so that is the most important thing!

After that it was time to pick up Mitchell from school. I had a few minutes before leaving to go get Abby and Sam and then John and I ran some errands and picked up Chipper from play practice. I knew we were severely limited on time, so we grabbed some In and Out Burgers (protein style) and it was a good thing as we got back home at 5:15 and Mitchell needed to be to Rock Band practice by 5:30.  Chipper and I needed to be at the school by 5:45 and I needed to hem his pants before then!  It is always nice when your teenager informs you of the need for his pants to be mended-the day of!  Fortunately, I had some pins that will hold them together until I can sit down with a needle and thread!

Now, I am quickly blogging before getting the kids ready for bed!  I'm looking forward to some fun t.v. tonight and plan to finish up a few of the costumes while we're watching!

Tonight's freebie is a title.  I wanted to do something super versatile, so I chose the word family!  I'm sure there are lots of layouts where this could come in handy! At least I hope so!  It's saved with each individual letter as a layer, so you can dress it up however you want!!

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If there are certain freebies you especially like or things you wish I would make more of or add to the rotation, please let me know!  I do have some fun themed things planned for November and December, so be prepared for lots of downloading fun!!

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