Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chinese Pigtails

Today was so crazy busy that I am ready to drop!  I swear something has to give, because I don't think I can keep up this pace!  Before I get into the crazy stuff, though, I have a picture to share with you and a cute story from my 5 year old.  Man, I love that girl!

It's kind of hard to tell from this photo, but I did her hair in pigtails, but I tucked the ends in-more like little buns on each side of her head.  She kept calling them "Chinese Pigtails", saying that that is how all little Chinese girls wear their hair.  I had no idea where she had come up with that and then I remembered one of her favorite cartoons:

So, from here on out, we will forever call that hair do, her Chinese pigtails!  My Olivia is such a sweet girl and I love her so much.  She is a ray of sunshine in our lives!

So, our schedule today consisted of Kindermusic with Noah from 10-11, visiting with grandma from 11-12, lunch and getting Olivia off to Kindergarten 12-1, slipped in a quick nap with Noah 1-2, made lasagna for dinner and got it put in the oven 2-3, picking up kids, dropping kids off, picking up more kids 3-4, take Abby to vision therapy and pick up cards for tonight, 4:30-5, quickly feed everyone dinner, grab 2 bites myself, pick up Abby from Vision therapy 5-6.  Take Chipper to dance, take hubby to pick up computer, grab a treat for everyone 6-7.  Somewhere in there I got Mitchell out the door for his scout activity and tried to squeeze in a few hugs and kisses!  We're off to pick up Chipper from dance in a few minutes and then hopefully get everyone to bed!  What didn't get done today was cleaning, yard work or laundry-hopefully tomorrow!  I'm thinking I need to make the kids help more with those 3 activities-since I spend so much time driving them around and helping their activities to happen. Anyone have any good tips or ideas for doing this?

For tonight's freebie, I am in love with how this turned out! It's a photo mask, nothing fancy, but I think it is fun and makes a photo look so pretty and festive!  I used a pic of my little one, last year at the pumpkin patch!

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I also have some layouts to show off!  These are both for kits that released today and I'm really happy with how they turned out.  
The first layout was done with a template from Little Frog Designs.  Even though I create a lot of my own templates, sometimes it is fun to use templates from other designers!  I have always loved templates-making them and using them!  The kit I used is a brand new release from Jady Day Studios.  It is a darling kit and I'll show a linked picture of it below my layout!

And this next layout is of some pictures from 5 years ago!  I had a lot of fun scrapping them, even though it made me so sad to realize that it feels like just yesterday and my kiddos are growing up way too fast!

and the kit I used for this one is:

Have a great evening and check back in tomorrow!!

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