Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy, Crazy. Day.

Boy, after the day I've had, I think I could just let the title speak for itself and leave you the freebie.  But I will attempt to document a few of the highlights!

Sam is finally feeling better and he woke up back to normal.  I still kept him home from school, though, just to be sure!  I got all the big kids off to school and me and the three youngest kids hung out in the basement.  I did some laundry, did some CT work on the computer and cleaned.  There were tons of blankets, sheets, pillowcases and towels that needed to be cleaned. Between potty training and sickness, there was a lot of extra laundry! It felt so good to get it all done!

About noon, I fed the kids lunch and made a big salad to take to Sam's school for parent teacher conference.  It was a yummy salad!  It had spring leaves, roasted sweet pecans, cranberries and feta cheese. I topped it off with a homemade dressing that had fresh peaches blended with a raspberry vinegarette and olive oil!  So yummy!  I got Olivia off to Kindergarten (she goes in the afternoons) and finished all the prep for dinner.  I had a chicken in the crockpot and cut up yams to be started later while I was gone.  Our evenings are so crazy that I often do most meal prep at lunchtime so that it can be finished quickly and often by the kids.

Soon it was time to pick up Mitchell (my 12 year old) and we stopped by the store to grab a few things and then delivered the salad to Sam's school.  After that, we drove up to the charter school where Abby (my 10 year old) attends and picked up the 3 carpool boys.  Abby had drama after school, so I didn't need to grab her.  I quickly delivered everyone to their homes and dropped off Mitchell with Noah.  Sam and I then rushed off to the Early Intervention office for a sensory class we are taking over the next 8 weeks.  It was a lot of fun to spend that time with him and I'm looking forward to all that we will be learning!

An hour and a half later, we dashed back home to quickly eat dinner and then John and I headed out to meet with Sam's teacher, the occupational therapist and the speech therapist.  He is making such progress and I am so happy with his school!  He goes to a private school for children on the spectrum.  He would be in first grade if he were going to a regular school and I'm amazed at how many academic things he is doing.  He is doing beginning math and learning to read sight words.  I think I expected he would be farther delayed and he is just doing so fantastic!  He is also learning sign language to help him communicate! It is very fun to watch his little hands make the different signs!

By 7 pm, we were back home and it was time to get everyone ready for bed.  Between bathtime and getting them all ready and to sleep, it was 9:30 before the house was quiet and I could sit down to blog!  Crazy!

So, now I get to post your freebie!  Tonight's freebie is a basic card template!  I love making cards and although there is nothing fancy to this template, sometime it is nice to just have a simple format to make your own and print!  I love making digital cards and find they are fantastic for a wide variety of activities!

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And here is an example:


That is all for tonight!  Remember to sign up for the newsletter and feel free to leave me some love!!  Have a great night!

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Crystal said...

thanks! It's a wonderful template! Hope today is more relaxed!