Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 21

Good morning, Memory Clips fans! Stacy here...gulping as I look at the calendar and realize that our Spring Break begins tomorrow afternoon!  I'm not nervous because I am unprepared for the break...I'm nervous because I did prepare! I have a wonderful plan full of fun and rewarding activities. But now I've got to implement it and that's where I usually fall down.

My kids and I chose 5 fun activities, 5 unique meal ideas and 5 service projects that we want to do during our 9 days off. Each idea is on a slip of paper and the theory is that we will pick two or three to do each day. Unfortunately, I can see one of us whining about what is chosen, or the weather being uncooperative, with the end result being a day with our iPads, computers, and mp3 players in overdrive rather than fun family times happening.

But enough pessimism, I think we can pull this off!  I am so excited to spend this time with my kids...and to have some new material to scrapbook about when its all over!!!  Besides, it's got to be better than the last few years where we have spent most of spring break cleaning out rooms and out-grown toys, haha!  How about you, do you get a spring break?  If you do, are you doing something special?

On to a little preview of the gorgeous Easter kit Ramona is releasing tomorrow.  Here's the page I created.  Oh, just wait til you see it all! It's so full of grungy, springy goodness!!!

One preview is all you get today, lol!!  Today's Freebie doesn't have a preview!  It will be a fun little surprise!

Download  **Link has Expired.


mammafishy said...

The Easter kit looks so cute! Thanks for today's "surprise" was fun!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU ;~}from crystalnva

Tammy said...

Thank you for today's bits!

andastra said...

Thank you so much!