Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thinking loving thoughts

Hi there, Stefanie bringing you some romantic ideas as we count down the sleeps to Valentine's Day. 
In South Africa we don't follow the super bowl, so my pinterest boards are heart filled and romantic red.
I thought I'd share some photos from last year's Valentines.

I had wanted to get heart shaped cookie cutters, but by the time I had the bright idea, the store shelves were empty. So teddy bear shaped French toast it was going to be.

In my mind the strawberry syrup and pink jelly beans looked great as eyes and a smiling mouth.
In practice - not so much.
Thankfully my family care more about taste than looks - I have taught them well.
Strawberry yoghurt, and a few choccies greeted the family as I woke them, and they came to the table.

A mom can only do so much, even in black and white this photo won't fly in a scrapbook layout.
Life as it happens, warts and all at my house.

Here is today' Freebie:

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Crystalnva said...

Here at our home if VDay is during the wee (like this years) I cut the kids lunch sandwiches into hearts & put XOXO notes with their lunches.If Vday is on a weekend day I make pancakes shaped like hearts...I always make a sheet cake then cut 2 hearts for a layered cake take scrap cake pieces and freeze them to go with another desert at another time ...THANK YOU for sharing & also THANK YOU ;~} for day 10

Dolores said...

Great ideas, Stefanie! I think that all the photos are scrapbook worthy!
Thanks for day 10...I was away and missed day 9.

Tammy said...

I usually make Valentines fir hubby & each of the kids.
Thank you for day 10!

Monkey Toes Too said...

Hubby is usually on the road for Vday plus my bday is the day before so we celebrate whenever he is home.
Thank you for day 10.

Daydreamer said...

thank you :)