Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ready Set Blog

Ramona here and I know it has been awhile!  My amazing blog team has been awesome in keeping things going here on the blog and keeping you all updated!  But I have missed writing here and connecting with my customers in the way that only a blog can allow!

When I started blogging last fall, I wanted a place where I could share the day to day moments and craziness that is truly my life!  I did good for a few months and then got bogged down with life!  Well, I'm back! And whether you are ready for it or not, I will be blogging just about every day!  I will still show you sneak peeks and give you the scoop on my new products coming out.  But most of my blogging will just be my stories!  And believe me, I have some!

To give you an idea of what you might find here to read:

I am the mom of 6 kids
One of those kids has xxyy syndrome (which no one has ever heard of, but he also falls on the autism spectrum)
All 6 of my kids and myself have Celiac Disease, therefore we eat a completely gluten free diet!
We have also been working towards a very whole food diet-no dyes, no refined stuff, etc.
We rarely go to doctors and use essential oils for most ailments that come our way
I garden and preserve the fruits and veggies we harvest
I love crafts and sewing
In my free time, I write but have yet to be published

So, as you can see, there is a lot of craziness at my house!  And I plan to share it all here on my blog. From recipes, to fun craft or sewing tutorials I find, to the latest embarrassing moment my kids have put me through. 

If you like the new look and are excited to hear some of my crazy stories, feel free to comment!  I want to get to know my readers as well!  You are more than welcome-at any time, to share your crazy moments too!  I will read everyone!

Well, here we go! Hold on tight!


Scrappy Frog said...

Love the new look!!! How exciting!

Christie said...

Blog looks great! Can't wait to learn more. My oldest is on the spectrum also and would like to learn some of your tips for diets with that. :)

sherry said...

Sounds like an adventure !!! Can't wait :)

Ghislaine said...

I've been using essential oils more and more. I look forward to hearing more about their possibilities!