Monday, July 2, 2012

July Already

So, I am blogging this super late Sunday night, but it will publish in the morning! I figure most of my posts will be like this because it is easiest for  me to write at the end of the day and have it ready for you to read in the morning!

Today was a really nice day.  3 of my 6 kids have been gone and all but 1 were back home with us.  My oldest son, Chipper is 15 and has been working at a Boy Scout camp all summer, as a counselor.  During the whole month of June, he only came home on saturday afternoons and headed back to camp on Sunday afternoon.  It was so hard!  Then 2 weeks ago, I sent Mitchell, my 13 year old on a road trip with my Dad to North Dakota. He was going to be doing some work up there for my brother and I thought it would be some great experience for him. I think it was, but dang I missed him! He got home just after midnight last night.  And my 11 year old daughter, Abby, is still in Nevada with my mom. She won't be home until Saturday.

It is amazing how different the family dynamic is when 1 or more children are gone.  Everything sort of shifts into a new sort of normal.  And once everyone is back again, it instantly shifts right back. 

Tonight, after the 3 youngest kids were in bed, my hubby and I and Chipper figured out how to play a new board game we bought.  It was a blast!  We are into those total nerdy, fantasy/domination sorts of games that take a lot of strategy!  I'm exhausted, though, after all that reading of the rules!  I lost by only 2 points! 

Off to bed! I have lots to do tomorrow, including work on my new release I have planned.  I'm making a camping/geocaching/outdoors kit!  I hope it comes out on the screen as cute as it is in my head! 

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