Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pet photography

Just like taking photos of people take photos of your pets. 
They're an integral part of the family.
Think about their personality. 
The things they do, the things they love, the things they don't like, the things they avoid. 
What makes them special?

For instance we have 4 cats. All of them LOVE chicken.
Snuggles (9) is the oldest, she rules the roost. 
I read that the dominant cat often licks the rest of the clan. This licking is an important part of grooming and bonding. Afterall who doesn't want to smell like cat spit? 
She loves to lick, she'll even lick us. I hate it. 
She has a special fondness for ears.
Cleo (also 9) is her sister, but she is much more timid. She also tends to hurl more easily. She has nicknames like: hulry girly and vomit comet. 

My oldest said he knows how she keeps her trim figure - she's bulemic!
 She will eat food and then go outside and eat grass. Ugh. 

Other than that she is the prettiest and loves to cuddle.

Shadow is what we call a semi-mese. 
A cheaper Siamese. 
He is also sweet but much like Nermal in Garfield - not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

 He loves cuddles, sleeping on my bed in the afternoons and 
often goes onto the roof and then miaaws to be rescued.
He has the softest, thickest coat and feels the heat the worst.
this leads to him getting into the most interesting sleeping positions.

Topaz is the latest addition. 
He is mine. He is just over a year old and very much a spoilt baby. 
He has the most magnificent purr and crossed saphire eyes. 

He jumps onto his chair to be fed and will come and collect me at 10pm (or there abouts) for his bedtime snack. I joke that he is my alarm clock, I can give him some love and that acts like a snooze button for a while but he'll go off a few minutes later again.

Capture your pets doing their favourite things or in their favourite spots. Shoot from a different angle, if they're high then get down low. Crouch and see the world through their eyes.
Capture their relationships, either with other pets or with their people. Get in close and crop out unnecessary details. Pets can be very active so make sure to have your camera set on a faster shutter speed and have good lighting. If the light isn't good make sure to avoid the ugly green eyes (like red eyes in humans) above everything have fun and enjoy the process.

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kc71595 said...

GORGEOUS kitties, Stephanie!! I have 5 kitties: Sophie is my old lady, then Tiger (who was born here in our house), Prince (who has been passed around from my Mom through my sisters and then finally to his forever home here with me). Then Grace and Bella (who are sisters, born at my grandparents. We took them in when my Grandparents health started failing and they couldn't care for them anymore).
Oh yeah, I have 3 dogs also... lol!