Monday, April 16, 2012

Manic Monday and a new challenge

Good Monday morning all you Memory Clips fans! I've got a fun Manic Monday kit to show you that is ON SALE for JUST $2...TODAY ONLY!!! 

This is such a bright kit, I just love it!!!  You can find it here!

And here are just a couple of layouts for inspiration:


And now your new layout prompt challenge.  This week we're scrapping about something current in your life that challenges you, it may be big or small. How are you coping with it and overcoming it?
Remember you could win a gift certificate to Ramona's store just for linking us up to your layout by Thursday afternoon. 

Here are some layouts from the blog team to get you started!

from Stefani using Curious You and Gratitude template#5
Journaling reads:
Having a house full of teenagers means a few things. I am forever running to the shop for food. They seem to be ravenous ALL THE TIME. A snack or bowl of cereal just one hour after supper is the norm. They’re growing too, I get that. The biggest issue I have is the messy bedrooms. Wet towels left on the bed, on the floor or half hung over the door in such a way that it doesn’t dry. Shoes lying around, more than one pair, scattered like debris after a spring tide. Cupboard doors never closed, clothes drawers left ago. And bodies draped all over the furniture. Yes I know they will grow up and leave home and my home will remain tidy then and I will miss them. But can’t we just have a compromise now. Can’t they just tidy up a little bit? Hang up wet towels, close cupboard doors and pack things away? Empty bowls and used mugs are the new décor item and life is noisy and busy. A few years ago it was toys and uneaten food. Sigh! I need to just hang in there and get through it I suppose.

from Stacy using Daddy's Boy and Gratitude template #9
Journaling reads:
I remember as a girl hearing stories of my dad and my aunt being awake for hours at night and thought that would be the worst thing in all the world. I was right. I inherited the sleep curse and spend many early mornings wide awake. Getting up makes it worse, so I just lay in bed, thinking of things. Sometimes I have great ideas, other times the thoughts are more mundane and don’t solve any problems Some nights I spend time talking to God or singing songs in my head. But most nights my thoughts just wander from topic to topic. I haven’t figured out a pattern for these sleepless nights, nor a solution. So I try to make the best of it...and take a nap the next day if possible!

I can't wait to hear about something you're currently dealing with!
Happy Scrappin'

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