Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Delightful details.

Hi there, Stefanie here bringing you your weekly photographic tips and ideas.

I was thinking about story telling through photos. If you think of newspaper photos, they're usually big and have everything in focus. There is action and context. It is eye catching and attention grabbing. We sneak a peek to read about it. The headlines are bold and give you additional context. The caption provides you with the who, where, why and any additional details your curiosity needs to be satisfied - or the article continues onto another page and if you're intrigued enough you'll buy the paper.
Those celebrity type magazines do much the same. The cover houses a usually unflattering photo of someone famous and then attention grabbing snippets and titles litter the rest of the cover to draw you in and make you want more.

I prefer a different kind of photography. I like my photos to tell the story. I like a beginning, middle and end. Make no mistake I will still have an eye catching title and details within the caption.

I find I delight in the details. I visited my friend who was baby sitting an under the weather 2 year old. Life with little ones is busy, filled with mundane tasks and repetition. But what wonderful stories our lives will tell.

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