Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tutorials and a Fun Font

Sharon, here today to point out the wonderful tutorials Ramona has on how to use a template in Pixir and Photoshop to make a beautiful page.
Also, I wanted to talk a little about fonts because I am a font fanatic!  I love fonts and how they can really make a layout look different depending on what font you choose.  Today I wanted to showcase the font:
I like this font because it reminds me of my 5 year olds handwriting right now, so I used it on a layout about an art project he made here:
   Here's the wonderful kit called Curious You that I used to make my layout.  You can purchase this bright and fun kit here
I would love to see pages that you make using this fun, child like font! Thanks for reading and hope you have a fabulous Thursday!
~Sharon :)

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