Friday, December 23, 2011

December 2010

And here we are, now to just last year's Christmas!  And I'll be honest, these memories seem like just yesterday-not a full year ago!

Christmas 2010 was our third year in our house in Saratoga Springs.  It snowed a ton on the last day of school, the weekend before Christmas!  It was awesome!  We picked up the kids and played all day in the snow!  We built snowmen and went sledding.  I LOVE snow-the more the better, especially when we are done with school and work and can just stay home and play in it!

On Christmas Eve, we finished up some shopping, stopped by my inlaws house to visit and then went home to do our routine.  The kids got to open their Christmas pajamas and I took a pic of them by the tree:

We sent them to bed and I had a ton of wrapping to finish!  I wrapped while my husband put things together.  It was fun and lasted until well after midnight!

The kids got us up early the next morning-right around 6 am, as I recall.  They were so excited, especially the little ones!  Chipper got a guitar, which he really wanted and he has gone on to teach himself to play and does very well with it!  Mitchell and Abby both got cameras and some other little gifts.  Sam got a train set and Olivia got a table and chair set with a tea set.  Noah got the fisherprice car thing:

He wasn't quite sure what to think of it, at first, but loved it once he figured it out!  It is still a favorite toy!  We played and relaxed all day!  It was a wonderful Christmas!

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Ghislaine said...

That Fisher Price car thing is exactly what my daughter is getting for Christmas this year! I'm so glad to hear that it's still a favorite toy!

Thank you for the little template too!