Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 2009

Christmas, 2 years ago, was a great one.  Our little Noah had joined our family in April and was at such a fun age!  We were still living in Saratoga Springs and loving it so much!  2 days before Christmas, we invited my inlaws over for dinner and I tried to make an English feast!  I served roast beef, twice baked potatoes, jell-o and a trifle for dinner!  It was so fun!

For Christmas, Chipper received an ipod touch, Mitchell got a camera, Abby got bendaroo's, which she wanted so bad!  Sam got the Little People farm set, Olivia got another doll and stroller set and Noah received a little walker/ride on toy! 

After opening gifts, we had a large breakfast and just spent the day in our pajamas and enjoying our new things.  We learned later that day that John's grandfather was in the hospital and the day after Christmas, he suffered a stroke.  This was a difficult thing to learn as we love him so much.  He is still with us today, but the stroke that Christmas was the beginning of his debilitation.  It took most of his speech and his ability to care for himself as much as he did before.  It has been hard to watch him suffer.

I can't believe that now, we are just a few days away from Christmas.  It is coming way too fast!  My brother and his wife and their kids are stopping by for lunch today, and I'm very excited for that!  Today, I'm going to try and finish up all the loose ends of a million projects so we can begin our celebration tomorrow!  We like to kick things off with a game day before the actual Christmas eve and Christmas day.  I can't wait to just spend time with the kids and with my hubby!

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Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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