Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas 1998

Doing this is making me wish I had done professional photos every Christmas as my family grew!  But sadly, we didn't!  So, some years I might have photos of all of us together, but most often I will  not! However, in 1998, I was still doing the photo thing!!

Weren't we so cute in our matching denim!!!

That Christmas was a lot of fun. I was actually about 5 months pregnant with #2 and we were excited that a little brother would be joining our Chipper!  That Christmas, we traveled to my parents home (about 2 hours away from where we lived in Vegas) and it was a lot of fun.  That was the last Christmas that we have traveled for and have spent all the rest in our own home!  It was nice, though, for one last time to spend that with my family.

My sister had gotten married in August and joined us with her new husband.  My younger brother was married in November and joined us with his new wife! It was fun to watch the family growing!

That year Santa brought Chipper a new puppy, who we named Noel!  I will admit that it was a lot of work to keep that sweet puppy hidden until our Christmas morning surprise!  Noel was a black lab and a very sweet puppy.  I remember that we also got Chipper some Dr. Suess books and a little train set, but that is all I remember from that year!

I also remember that on Christmas Day, after gifts were exchanged and opened, we made peppermint ice cream with the new ice cream maker I had gotten!  It was so fun and so yummy!

The last few days have been busy as I've been working to complete as many of my homemade projects as possible.  I have completed our friend/neighbor gifts, gifts for all my kids teachers, sewed 2 skirts for my girls and am getting ready to work on pajamas for everyone!  Although it has been busy, I'm having a blast!  I love crafting and sewing and scrapping!!

Today's freebie is a label to print to match what I made up for our teacher gifts.  I had to make 20 of them, so I wanted something simple and cute!  Here is what we made:

It may be a little hard to see, but in the baggie, I have a packet of hot cocoa, 2 large marshmallows and a small peppermint stick.  I found the cute baggies at the dollar store for $1 for 25.  And the label I made myself.  I printed 2 to a page of cardstock so that was probably my biggest expense!  Even though that wasn't  much either!  Then I cut them out and folded them over the top and stapled!

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