Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas 1997

I'll never forget this first Christmas that we spent with our sweet Chipper!  He was such a fun and sweet baby!  Just like in the picture below, he always had a HUGE smile on his face!

This Christmas we traveled up to Utah to spend with my inlaws.  Before we left, we had a family dinner at our home in  Henderson with all of my family.  We had just bought and moved into our first house, the week before Thanksgiving and I was excited to host a family event!  Christmas was on a Thursday that year and I think we left on the afternoon of the 23rd.  I remember being up there for the 24th, so I don't think we traveled that day!

Christmas morning was so fun! Not only did Santa bring lots of goodies for Chipper, but my inlaws also had plenty to spoil him with!  Uncle Steven was on his mission in Japan, so we got to talk to him on the phone.  Those are the highlights of the day that I remember!

I remember Chipper got a wagon with mega blocks in it and a baseball and T  (we were just a little excited to get him started) and lots of little developmental toys.  I remember how much we were able to get him for under a $100!  I didn't know how much I should appreciate that then! LOL! 

For John and I, that year, we each took a $100 and shopped for each other.  I remember that John got me lots of things for our house.  New sheets, Christmas dishes, picture frames, etc.  It was such a fun time!

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Stefanie said...

Love the quote. Your early family photo is just so precious. Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories with us all.

Janytime said...

Thank you for sharing your talents! I just spent a long while on your blog for the first time, thoroughly enjoyed reading. Downloaded everything! Awesome November project!! Thank you! Keep it up! Enjoy those kids and love that man!

Nancy said...

Thank you for your generousity!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful sentiment!

Anonymous said...

that retarded photo is NOT "precious" (that bitch is braindead!), and it's just "$100", not "a $100", STUPID-ASS! get BRAINS THAT WORK for christmas, PLEASE!!!!