Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gratitude for extended family

Yesterday was a good day.  We spent most of the day at home, resting and getting things ready for next week.  Chipper had a dance performance and then a Night on Broadway performance at the high school, so John took him to those.  My aunt was celebrating her 60th birthday so I  took the rest of the kids to that.  My parents and two of my sisters were there, with their husbands and children.  It was a lot of fun to see everyone!  My parents have 20 grandchildren and 16 of them were altogether last night!  It reminded me how thankful I am for all of them.  I especially love all my nieces and nephews and wish I could see them more often!

After the party, I took the kids home, got them ready for bed and left them with Mitchell.  I went and joined John at the high school, so I could watch Chipper's performance.  We had a blast! He did such a great job and looked to be having so much fun!  I'm grateful for all the wonderful friends he has made, in such a short time and thankful for these opportunities he has had!

Here is today's template:

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Today's Prompt:  What challenges from my childhood now make me grateful?


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