Sunday, October 23, 2011

Okay, I'm done now!

One sick kiddo turned into 3 today! I'm just praying my older 3 don't get it too.  I'm so done with cleaning up messes and doing laundry!  I'm glad that illness doesn't come along too often!  I don't do well with it!  I did get some scrapping done, though, in between the cleaning and the snuggles!

Here are a few layouts, I've completed over the weekend:

All three of the kits that I used for these layouts are by a new designer I just started CT'ing for!  I LOVE her work! Her name is Lisa Sisneros and here is a link to her STORE:

I love finding new designers and getting to play with their awesome products!  She also creates fonts and she has some amazing ones!  I am a font freak!  LOVE good fonts!!

For the freebie tonight, I have a photo cluster!  This can be used at the size it is or even made smaller to give more white space in the layout.

link expired

Here are some layouts, using the photo cluster.  Thanks Natalee and Amy!

Have a great evening!


So~Inkin~Cute said...

awww, sweetie, my thoughts are with you. Sick kids = no fun! :( You amaze me... through it all you still get lots and lots of digital work done. You're my hero!


P.S. I hope you remember me. I used to stalk your Brownie Scraps site for a long time, then I ended up not doing much in the "digital" world...but we used to talk a lot. And now I get to work w/ you on the best CT ever!!!! haha

Ramona said...

Of course I remember you Candi! Thanks so much for visiting and for commenting! I LOVE comments!!

amy! said...

Sounds like you've been busy Girl.
can't wait to see the new blog changes.
Have fun with your novel.
and congrats on the new ct gig..just checked her store out..very cool stuff..kinda jealous ;)
your 1st LO with your lil girl...that picture is gorgeous.
hope you and the kiddos are feeling better Ramona.

Janneke said...

I love your design style! You're fabulous. Keep it up. :)

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful designer, loving all of these! Thank you!