Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sick Kiddo

Nothing like ending a great day with one of your children puking and puking!  Poor Sam!  He never gets the flu, so this has been new for him.  I just feel so bad for him!

Other than him getting sick, today was a really good day. It was a nice catch up day-which I really needed!  First, I went grocery shopping.  After that, I made lunch and took a short nap, waiting for the BYU football game to start and then helped the kids clean out the van.  For dinner, I made homemade pizza and a cauliflower pizza crust for me, so that there were no grains in it. It was actually really yummy!  I'm excited to find a carb free-high protein way to eat pizza!  We love pizza!

It was about that moment, that we realized something was a bit off with Sam. He wouldn't eat anything and was just extra cranky.  Then he was mean to Noah, so we made him stay home with the older boys, while we took the younger kids to the park.  We were finishing up at the park, when Mitchell called to say that he had thrown up.

Now, its almost midnight and I've been watching Modern Family re-runs and scrapping and helping him every so often.  I think it may be a long night!

Today's freebie is another photo mask. I really like this one-its simple, but classy and can be used in so many ways!  Look at the example that Amy made with it:

And here is the preview:

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