Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I will admit that today was a day of meltdowns and not just from my kids!  I had a few of my own. Does anyone else ever have these days?  It seemed like from the moment everyone woke up, everything seemed to set us all off!  It must have been the weather or something!  It was cold!

One of my big pet peeves lately has been my kids not doing their chores in a timely manner.  I'm sure no one else has ever battled this one!  Most days, my kids go through the motions, but the smallest things distract them and by bedtime, only half of their chores are done.  I hate this!  But, as soon as a friend calls or something fun comes along, then they hurry and finish that day and do a pretty good job.  I have been struggling with how I can teach my kids to not procrastinate, but just get in and get their stuff done so they can do other fun things.

Today, after one of my meltdowns, when I was ready to hand over my mommy name badge and walk away, I came up with a plan!  My kids were thrilled that I had yet another "brilliant" plan!  But I think it will work!  First of all, no t.v., computer, video games, etc. except on weekends.  I didn't even turn the tv on today and man, it was nice!  I love the quiet!  This, of course, did bring on a few meltdowns from the toddler-but he'll get over it!  Second, they have a list of chores each day to complete.  If not completed and checked off by bedtime, they lose their points for the day which means no fun things on the weekends, i.e. no friends, no parties, no technology, etc.  I told them that even missing one chore on one day, meant they could spend the weekend reading or helping out.  We'll see how this works.  I am desperate!!

I did get most of the costumes done for Halloween!  Nothing like sewing 4 angry bird costumes in one day!  But they turned out so cute! I just have a few final touches and they'll be done!

For tonight's freebie, in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I made this fun little subway art.  I did a google search for the top 15 halloween songs!  They go in order from number 15 down to  number 1!  I hope you enjoy it!

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Have a great evening!

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