Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today was a fun day!  Sam had his annual field trip to Cornbelly's, a super fun pumpkin patch.  At first, he told me he didn't want me to come because it was just for his teacher and friends.  I have to admit, hearing this from my 7 year old son who has always needed me more than my other kids, kind of broke my heart!  I was strong though-didn't shed any tears and let him have his independence.  Lucky for me, his teacher texted me, an hour later, saying that he wanted me to come!  Noah and I, after lunch, met the others at Sam's school to help drive.  We had a great time.  Sam still didn't want much to do with Noah or I, while we were there, but I think he was happy to have us with him.

As for this dreaded flu bug, my poor hubby woke up with it this morning and Chipper came home from play practice-just feeling awful.  He thought he had it yesterday, but it wasn't as bad as today.  I do think we are all done with it now though. Thank heavens!!

Tomorrow, I plan to spend the day sewing and cleaning.  Halloween is coming up way too fast.  I've got costumes to finish, Mitchell's party on Saturday to plan and the final details to put together for Abby's school party on Monday. I'm the room mother in her class, which I'm so excited about!

I am also spending a bit of time, each day, working on my plan for November.  It is coming along so well! I can't wait to reveal it all!!  I'm also trying to get a good head start on it all because I have decided to do NANOWRIMO this year!  I plan to write an entire novel (approx. 90,000 words) during the month of November.  I may be crazy, but I'm going to give it my all!!  This is my chance to do something for me.  Most of my time is spent doing for my family and others-which I love to do, but I'm excited to focus on me this next month!

My freebie for today is a photo cluster.

link expired

Enjoy and have a great evening!


NanaScraps said...

Hi Ramona
the file for this cluster frame is the same as 10-26-11 download...any chance the link could be fixed....thank you very much for all these lovely templates

Ramona said...

Sorry about that! The link has been fixed! Thanks for letting me know!