Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun on the Lake

Maggie here.  I've had a bit of family drama lately.  But overall I have been totally blessed with the family that I have.  My sister and I have been planning the biennial family reunion for my mom's family.  My mom is one of 6 children and they have also been a tight-knit family.  I consider many of my cousins to be friends as well as family.  We have had as many as 45 people and 4 generations.  This year it's going to be smaller, but we still anticipate almost 30 people for a 4-day weekend of food, fun, stories and laughs.

And I will be taking plenty of pictures for this year's reunion album but I have also been working on the last reunion's album - yes, I'm perpetually behind.  Here's a page from the 2011 album:

Here is today's freebie:

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Dawn said...

Thank you!

JeannieK said...

Good luck with your family reunion! Sounds like you have a great time. Thanks for the dl!

mammafishy said...

Hope you have a great reunion!! Thanks for todays BEAUTIFUL paint & paper!

Crystalnva said...

Oh I luv family reunions ..THANK YOU ;~}