Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Bread Recipe

I have been asked a lot recently to share my bread recipe.  Most of my family has Celiac Disease and can not eat anything with gluten in it. We can't even eat anything that was prepared in the same room as wheat -or other gluten products. We can't even eat things grown within a close proximity as wheat and other things.  It has been a difficult past 6 years as we have learned to adapt to this new way of eating!

I grew up eating most foods from scratch. My mother and grandmother were amazing cooks and I was blessed with lots of delicious food and home baked things.  Homemade bread was something I took for granted and had no idea back then how sick it was slowly making me.  One of the hardest things that came with my diagnosis was giving up spongy, soft homemade bread.  The gluten free stuff in the store, does not come anywhere close. Let's be honest-it is nasty.  It is dry and just awful.  For the past few years, I have worked to create a recipe that we could all love and enjoy eating.

The trick came in discovering how  much gluten free oats can add to gluten free cooking!  Rice flour is so gritty, but the oats really balance it out. I also love to add some almond flour for substance and more nutrition.  If you eat gluten free, know someone who has to eat gluten free or have been thinking about switching to gluten free, you should give the recipe a try!


4 1/2 c. gluten free flour mix**
1 T. xantham gum
1 t. salt
1/4 c. brown sugar
3 T. yeast

Put these items in a bowl with the yeast sprinkled on top.

2 1/2 c. warm water
1/2 c. oil (I use olive oil or coconut oil)
1 t. vinegar

Pour over the flour mix and let sit for a few minutes.  Mix until everything is mixed together.

Add 5 eggs and mix on high for 5 minutes.
This is a trick I learned from a friend who has an amazing gluten free site and recipes.  The eggs and mixing them like this really help create a good, spongy texture.

Your dough will look like cake batter, not typical bread dough.  It does not need kneading, like other dough because it doesn't have the gluten needing to be activated.

Grease two bread pans and pour evenly into the two.  Preheat your oven to 375 and let raise for about 15 minutes.  Bake for 40 minutes.

**For my homemade gluten free flour mix, I use:
6 parts gluten free oat flour 
(I buy Bob Redmill's gluten free oats and blend in my blender to turn into flour)
2 parts rice flour
2 parts corn starch
1 part almond meal

I would love to know, if you try this recipe, what you think!

Here is the FREE kit for February:

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mammafishy said...

The bread looks so good...I can't imagine life without warm homemade bread. Thanks for today's goodies!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for day 5.I need to read up of this about gluten..from crystalnva

JeannieK said...

Thanks for today's ddl and the recipe. Interesting how something so common in many recipes can make a person sick.

Tammy said...

The bread looks so yummy! I don't think I could live without eating bread. I'm glad you found a recipe that works.
Thank you for today's pieces. I love the doily heart!

Dolores said...

Thanks Ramona! The paper & heart doily are wonderful. Loving this kit!

Shelly said...

Thanks Romona, the doily is so pretty

Monkey Toes Too said...

Thank you!

Mary Kruschke said...

Thank you kindly for this free goodie and also for the recipe. I have a co-worker who's family has gone gluten free due to allergies...she will love it!

Tara said...

I came for the scrapbooking download, but I will have to try your bread recipe. I was diagnosed with Celiac several years ago, but there are so many new products available I am always trying new things. I hadn't thought of making oat flour. (And I have some oats that need to be used.) Thanks for the scrapbooking kits, I really like your designs, and the recipe.