Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 22 - Presidental Inauguration

Hello everyone!  Bethany here....Yesterday President Obama was sworn in for a second term as President of the United States.  I have to say what an honor it is to be able to witness this ceremony for each President sworn into office while I am alive.

I know that politics can be heated, and everyone has their own opinions (and I am not trying to start anything, promise), but what I do know that no matter who is in office we need to support them as they run our country.  It is a Big job, one I never want (haha), and I am sure it helps when you have your country behind you.

I love that I can share this with my kids!  That we can watch history in the making as one day, grand kids and great grand kids will be learning about this time and president (just like all presidents).  We openly discuss this in our home, we pray for our President and we support him as he leads our country for another 4 years.

Okay enough with the politics :)  Here is Today's Freebie:

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JeannieK said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

from crystalnva

Karen said...

What a lovely positive post about the presidency. It was a joy to read!
Karen from Moscow

amy! said...

great post Bethany!