Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14 - A challenge for myself and for you!

Hello, Bethany here....I am so excited to be joining Ramona's team {again}!!  Are you ready for another week to start?!  I have to tell you I can't believe we are almost half way through January, where is the time going??

This year I have challenged myself to be in photos more often and not just being the person behind the camera.  Yes I have many things I want to change about who I am, but I need to put those things aside and do it now!  I read an article just a little bit ago that talked about documenting yourself as well, being in the pictures, and part of them so your kids can see you were there!  It hit home, because I am known for not putting myself in the picture.  We do so well documenting things for our children, but we need to make sure that we are including ourselves in that documentation!

If you are like me, and prefer to be the one behind the camera instead of the one in front of it, I am challenging you to try and put yourself in some pictures!  Do it once a week, once a month or at least for special events!  You will, one day, be glad you did!

With it being one of my goals, and something I have been trying to be better about lately, I scrapped this picture of my husband and I...I love this picture and I am proud of myself for not just taking a picture of the hubby and calling it good.  Instead I got in the picture!
I used Ramona's gorgeous kit, Every Day Romance, which can be found HERE.

I hope you will join me in this challenge and that we can start seeing more pictures of you amazing scrappers in your pages!

Today's Freebie:

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Maggie said...

Bethany - this really hit home with me. I'm almost always the one taking the pictures. On our trip to AZ, I made sure that I was in at least a couple of pictures, even if it meant asking a stranger to take one. At many of the overlooks at the Grand Canyon, everyone was helping everyone else. I know I offered many times to include the photographer in their photos.

mammafishy said...

Ditto for me here too Bethany and Maggie. I did do a scrap for Christmas with me and the whole family. It was hard to include myself but I knew the kids and grandkids might appreciate it someday when I am old and feeble or long gone... AND I LOVE TODAY'S GOODIES!!! THANKS SO MUCH!

Ramona said...

This totally goes for me as well! I'm rarely in the pictures! I promise to try harder this year! Great challenge and beautiful layout!

Crystalnva said...

THANK YOU ;~} for day 14
I agree with ALL..It is the same with me heck I started writing on my pages photo by This year Im asking cause I really think MoM deserves to be in every family photo..LOL my mom & I are talking about this now while Im typing on here LOL and she said...Honey thats why I always made sure my shadow showed in the photos hehehe w/her beehive hairdo..How smart my Mom is huh?

cantabile21 said...

My photos are all about my kids! Sometimes their daddy gets to be with them, but i'm rarely in there, not that i mind that much, honestly. i don't really want to look at the photo and see the weight i've put on over the years, kekeke! But otherwise, i've learnt to use the timer function if i really need to be in the photo, like a commemorative group shot. Thanx for sharing!

Day said...

Wow great post, I can totally relate! Love your page too, your photo is adorable!

Arlene said...

Good for you getting in the picture for once. Great LO. Thanks for today's part.