Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Break!

How fitting is today's freebie?  Well, it is fitting for me anyway! Today begins our winter break and I couldn't be happier! I'm so ready to sleep in a bit and stay up late watching movies and playing games with the kids. I just love this time of year!  Oh, and I will admit that this paper-its my very favorite!  I LOVE the color red. I love the thin chevron pattern and well, this paper makes me happy!  Okay, enough about the paper!

I have my first project to share with you tonight! I made this for my kids' music teacher.  Now, my photography skills leave much to be desired, so I apologize for it not being a great photo.  But you'll be able to get the general idea!

I created the print itself in photoshop. I used my paints from my DSD Grab bag (found HERE)

Then, I used a music brush to create the lines of music and then used the transform tool to sort of bend it a bit!  I added the treble clef by just using a standard shape in photoshop and then erased away some of it with a grunge brush.  Last, I found the quote I wanted and added it with a fun font! I covered the wording in paper to give more texture and then added a soft, simple shadow.  When it was done, I sent it off for printing (that part cost me a whole 80 cents!)  It is done at an 11x14 size.  Then I mod podged it to a blank canvas.

A few tricks I learned in the process:  1.  Cut the print to just a little bit shorter than the canvas.  2.  Apply the modpodge very thin, but apply a layer to both the canvas and the back of the print. I think it helps it to adhere better that way.  3.  Let the bottom layer dry at least an hour before adding more modpodge to the top. I did two layers-letting them dry in between.  This keeps it from bubbling.  Also, when you apply at first, use a credit card to push out any bubbles.

Once I had it all dry, then I took black paint and painted the outside edges of the canvas and added a little around the edges on the front.  It gives it a very artsy feel and also helps to seal it altogether!  I had gotten the canvas on sale for about $4, so the whole project cost me about $6.

Here is your Freebie for today:

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mammafishy said...

Have a great time with your kids while they are off!! You sound like a fun mom!! I will have my 3 grandchildren, starting tomorrow for their winter break here in KS. It is always a joy for me when we have that time together! Love the goodies..thank you!

Crystalnva said...

Luv the chevron also I just can`t look at it tooo long lol it starts moving...Thank You :~}