Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Looking Back

Well, after weeks of planning and wrapping and scheming, the holiday is over!  Today is boxing day in parts of the world and here in the US-its the day everyone returns stuff and takes advantage of all the after-holiday sales!  For us, it is supposed to snow all day, so I'm not sure how much shopping we will be doing!

Mostly, this time period marks the winding down of another year and a time to reflect on what has happened over the past year.

For me, as a designer, I had just returned to designing and was selling at ScrapMatters.  I had big plans and lots of kits I wanted to design!  In April, I took over BrownieScraps, which was my original baby in 2004!  I sold it in 2010, when things in my personal life became very crazy and stressful. I also retired my products and took some time off of designing.  So, it was fun to work with my partner Eileen (who has been my trusty side kick from the beginning) as we revamped the site and reopened in May! It has been a great adventure and we have some of the best designers making templates there!  I love the ladies I work with-at both shops!

In my personal life, things have been busy and crazy!  At the beginning of the year, 3 of my kids were cast in the Music Man and I got the fun job of sewing quite a bit on their costumes! It was pretty crazy!  In May, the school year wrapped up and they all came home!  We attempted to give Sam (my special needs son) a regular summer with no school.  We did hire our dear friend to do speech with him 3 days a week, but we tried to do everything else ourselves! It was really hard and I learned that he needs school and therapy and his schedule year round!

But even with that, we filled our summer with time at the pool, swim lessons, hiking, playing games and just hanging out!  My oldest worked at a scout camp and was gone the whole week at a time. It was so hard!

In the Fall, my oldest started high school and all of my kids, except for my youngest were in school all day!  My oldest was cast as a prince in the play "Into the Woods" at the high school and my 13 year old is preparing for Suessical!  We are busy but loving life!

Oh and we also moved into a new house in October!  We love our neighborhood and are so thankful for this change!!

So, there it is-2012 in a nutshell! Now, I need to scrap it!  How about you?  What are some highlights for your 2012?  Have you scrapped them yet?

Today's Freebie:

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mammafishy said...

Thanks so much for the dl!! I have spent most of the year trying to learn PSE. Thanks to so many wonderful tutorials out there, I have learned bits and pieces but there is so much more to learn!!

marsie55 said...

Thank you for today's DL! I live in Australia, so we had Boxing Day & sales today! I detest shopping in crowds so I didn't go anywhere near the shops, lol! The last 15 months we have had people renovating our house (whilst we are still living in it!!) Which has been challenging & stressful; and a lot of work. Workmen only finished the week before Christmas, so I am now sorting through boxes that haven't been unpacked yet, getting cupboards cleaned out .. dust just gets in everywhere!!. We love how it has all turned out!! I also look after some friends children (3 & 5yrs old) 1 day a week, look after my great nephews (also 3 & 5 yrs) 1 day a week, & look after my almost 15y.o. nephew who is special needs every 3rd weekend .. plus catch up with my 3 sisters and various friends, look after the house (???) do the shopping, banking, bill paying etc .. a bit of gardening & stay up too late on the computer every night!!! And I wonder why I never have any time, and why I am always tired, lol!! I wouldn't swap any of it for the world!! I feel very lucky to have such a full and useful life; and so glad that people share their children with me; and I am so very blessed that "my kids" love me to pieces!! who could ask for more?? Not scrapped any of it yet, but have made a couple of photo books .. scrapping more is on my list for 2013!!

Daydreamer said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU ;~} from crystalnva