Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Calendars

How many of you like to make your own calendar each year?  I made my first one in 2007 (a 2008 calendar). This was before my digital scrapping days, so I bought 3 12x24 blank calendars and used paper and pictures to create 3 of them! It was a lot of work. I made one for our family, one for my parents and one for my inlaws.  They were a hit!  They've asked for them every year since!  by the time I made my 2009 calendar, I was doing digiscrapping and it was a little easier! I made one and just printed off multiple ones.

Several years ago, my cousin, at the age of 38 passed away from colon cancer.  Her mother was left all alone and devastated from the loss.  Her mother is my mom's older sister and so I added her to my list! Every year now I print a calendar off for her with all the birthdays and photos of my kids.  She is almost 80 and goes out of her way to tell me how much that calendar means to her each year.  I don't think I could stop making them even if I wanted to!

This year, I'm a little later in getting them done, but I'm on the second half of the year!  Want to see a sneak peek?  Here is my July 2013 page:

I still need to fill in the birthdates for the month, but other than that, it is done! I'm printing them all at a 12x18 size and then putting a thing at the top, so it will flip each month from the top!  This past year, I did a smaller size and missed having a larger calendar!

I used my calendar templates here:

This for the bottom half:

And these toppers for the Top:

These are for sale at BrownieScraps for $4.00 (top) and $8.00 (bottom), but use the coupon below to get 25% off either one or both!!  Use the code:  dec_cal_discount  

The coupon will be good for Thursday and Friday!

And now for today's Freebie:

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R2P2 said...

Thanks for showing us those calendar toppers & grids! I've been thinking about doing a calendar. I won't have time to put together one for 2013, but I'll check back to see if you have 2014 grids up after the new year! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You ;~}
from crystalnva

Daydreamer said...

thank you