Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day Three

Hello there, Stefanie here to wish you Happy Holidays.
One of my December traditions is to take photos of my children wearing Christmas hats. In theory at least this was to be included with the yearly newsletter and Christmas card. In practice getting three independent, confidant children to pose in Santa hats takes a fair amount of bribery and promises to not post them on facebook. It is almost impossible to have three smiling faces, looking at me with none of them blinking or pulling faces, teasing each other or causing a disruption that sets one or other (or both) of the siblings off.

That is until I tried taking a photo of my cat in a Santa hat. Now that was as successful as trying to wash a cat...I could always photoshop my hand out of the image I suppose, not too sure how to edit that "you've got to be kidding me !' expression though?

Anyway on to the good stuff:
I scrapped with this Memory Clips by Ramona's free kit - Scrap Your Story December:
Template is Mega Clusters v2 available, here at BrownieScraps.

Also today is Manic Monday and Ramona has this kit in the shop for 50% off! Today only!!  Winter is a great time to scrap those summer photos!

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This month's free kit:
Today's Piece:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Molly Harbridge said...

So funny! I don't think I could get my kitties to stay still even with my hand holding them!

Daydreamer said...

thank you :)

boop52245 said...

Love the kitten with the Santa hat. Thanks for sharing.

fl_connie said...

thanks for this part - and I LOVE the expression on your cat's face! What a giggle!