Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 22

Hi everyone, Sheila here and I thought since Christmas is so very close that it might be fun to play a little game of Christmas Song Trivia.  You might want to gather the kids to help you with the answers, if you are like me. LOL  Okay, here we go:

1) How many times does Santa check his list?

2) The Grinch is as cuddly as a ______?

3) It would of been a laugh to see Mommy doing what last night?

4) One foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say what?

5) Good tidings to you, and all of your what?

6) Who was seated next to me a day or two ago in the song Jingle Bells?

7) Why do I want my two front teeth for Christmas?

8) What did Frosty The Snowman do when they placed the magic hat on his head?

9) What does Alvin want for Christmas in The Chipmunk Song?

10) On the eleventh day of Christmas, what did my true love send to me?

ANSWERS: 1)Twice   2)Cactus   3) Kissing Santa Claus   4)Rudolf With Your Nose So Bright,
Won't You Guide My Sleigh Tonight?   5)Kin  6)Miss Fanny Bright   7) So I could wish you Merry Christmas!   8) He began to dance around   9) a Hula Hoop  10)Eleven Pipers Piping

Thanks for playing along with me....

Here is today's Freebie:

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mammafishy said...

I LOVED the trivia questions!! I should have got the g-kids though..I only got 2 1/2 right! Okay...maybe just 2! Thanks for the fun and the download. Love the red color and stitching is one of my favorite things!!

Crystalnva said...

Questions were fun Im setting here singing them all Thank You ;~} for todays dl..

Nancy said...

Thank you!

Ramona said...

Love those Sheila! Thank you!!

mischalaneous said...

Thanks so much, Ramona! This is such a great kit!

Karen said...

Thanks for the quiz, it was fun! The Grinch and the Chipmunks aren't popular here (UK), so I don't know those songs, but out of the others, I got 6 right. Yay for me!

Rarole said...

I did not download for the last few days but i did want to come by and say thank you for your giving spirit. My schedule became so crazy this time of the year that by the time I would get to you the links had expired. I did not need more stress or frustration - so I just let it go. I have stopped by, however, to see each part and the jot of the ladies who come. Love your comments as well. The trivia quiz was sweet. Great fun for families. Thanks again! And a very Merry Christmas.