Saturday, November 10, 2012

Games and Puzzles - November 10

Maggie here, and in addition to the obvious Election Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving being celebrated in the US, did you know that National Game and Puzzle week is in November?  Well, I didn't until I saw Ramona's Scrap Your Story - November.  I learned something new.

And I have to tell you I have always loved games and puzzles.  I grew up with the whole family working on jigsaw puzzles.  The formal dining room table was perfect for working jigsaw puzzles because it was only used for holiday meals and other special occasions.  This meant we were able to leave the puzzle out until it was complete.

My sisters and I loved playing Scrabble - we all had sets.  In fact, I got a really nice set for my sister for what ended up being her last Christmas.  And I had a traveling set.  But playing with my sisters was really interesting because they cheated!!!  They would make up words and work off the edge.  But we had so much fun!

These days I still put together jigsaw puzzles and play Scrabble, or a version.  But I'm more likely to do them on my laptop, tablet or smart phone.  My local paper has a daily puzzle on their website.  Word With Friends is really popular with many of my friends and me.  In fact, I had WWF ready to play in case I had to wait in line to vote this week.

It's kind of like scrapping.  You can do paper scrapping with actually papers and stickers and glue (and for me, bits all over the place as my dogs get really nosy!).  Or you can do like so many of us do with our digital scrapping.  We are achieving the same result - preserving memories.  Some of us just play using the computer to help us out.

And here is the freebie for today:

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