Friday, September 28, 2012

Oopsie Daisy

Oopsie Daisy!  Do any of you have those moments where you find things that may not be as cute as that title lets on?  You know what I'm talking walk in a room and find $100 worth of new makeup smeared on every single surface of your bathroom.  Or you happen to enter the living room just as your 4 year old has finished pouring an entire bottle of dish soap on every surface.  Or you walk in the room, just as your toddler snips off the last piece of hair-you know, the hair you've been watching her slowly grow for 2 years?  If parenting or life is ever anything like this for you-then you need this bundle!  For all the "Oops" in your life, scrap them with this!

Click to purchase.

Or you can buy each part separately:

And lastly, here are some amazing layouts from my team:

And from BrownieScraps, I have THREE new templates!  They are all photoless templates!

Also, don't forget to come check out our Bake Sale!  We have 22 Template Packs that will only be sold for the next 3 days then they will be retired forever.

Here are 2 of my favorites that I made for it:

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