Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 2 is TOUGH!

I'm not going to mince any words!  Day 1 may be the hardest in that it is the one where you  make the initial commitment to make a change and getting to that can be hard. But I forgot how hard Day 2 is! 

I woke up at 5 am again, but felt the stiffness and soreness as soon as I rolled out of bed.  I pushed through it though and completed 45 minutes on the eliptical and did 10 minutes of weights.  Most of the morning I felt sluggish and my head was foggy. I've been through this enough to know that this comes with any big changes to diet, so it really was a good sign.  It just didn't make it any easier.

On top of that, today was one of those days where things just kind of added up. Sam was extra difficult today with lots of meltdowns and fighting with Noah.  Noah and Olivia have taken on this sort of habit of screaming if Sam gets anywhere near them. I can't blame them, this is tough and he finds joy in tormenting them.  It is almost like he gets a pay off from continually poking them and hitting them.

I don't mean to complain, so feel free to skip if you want to miss my pity party! I just need to write it out so I can put it in its place, go to bed and wake up tomorrow with it being a new day!  I will not let a hard day get me down, but I don't want to ignore it either.

I had planned to go to Zumba tonight but it didn't happen. I also ate more for dinner than I wanted to. It was all healthy stuff-just more than I had planned.  That's okay!  It could have been so much worse!   And I need to be easy on myself-these are big changes I'm making, in the middle of still living a normal life!  One of my hardest things is not picking at food while I'm cooking and not eating the kids' leftovers!  Seriously! I need to work on that! If only I could have a professional chef for the next 5 months!  But none of us do and we all have to learn to make good choices in the face of temptation.

Anyone else struggle with these two things (snacking as you cook and eating the kids' leftovers)?  What do you do to avoid it?  Any tips you can share with me?  And if you are wanting to overcome this as well, post in the comments! We'll do it together!

Now I'm off to bed!  5 will be here before I know it and I'm excited to be just a little bit stronger tomorrow!


Stefanie said...

I try and have a really big glass of water as I start supper (or a mug of tea if I need a bigger boost) this does help with the snacking while I cook thing.
Way to go though, keep up the hard work.

Holli said...

When I'm trying to lose weight, I chew gum while I'm cooking. Otherwise I put stuff in my mouth without even thinking about it. Chewing gum is not my favorite thing, but it really works at breaking this habit. Good luck! I'm so excited for you! This is so inspiring!

Wendy said...

You're doing great! Those little bites here and there really do add up, don't they?

Keep up the good work, super star!

Christie said...

I chew gum and have my water bottle by me when cooking. As for leftovers, I make them empty their plates into the scraps after they are done. I am bad about eating that last piece of chicken or fry they might not eat. LOL

Alicia said...

I also chew gum...while I'm cooking and also during that after dinner/before bed, think I need a snack even though I'm not hungry time of the night. When your mouth is minty, you know nothing you put in it is going to taste right!