Thursday, June 7, 2012

Template Thursday including coupon!

I have these great pictures of my daughter trying to figure out how to use chopsticks.  When last week's Chevrons came out I knew I had to use it to for those pictures because in one of the pics my daughter is holding the chopsticks in a V. 

The first thing I did to create this page was to open the chevron template in my program and add the two papers from Often Go Walking by Memory Clips

I saved the results as a .jpg file to act like a paper I could use with the template I wanted to use for the three pictures I have.  I just love the circular photo spot in 3 Photo Vol. 1 to contrast with all the straight lines I'll otherwise have when I'm done! 

This is the result: 

Want to buy one or both of these templates?  I've got a discount coupon for you to use at BrownieScraps!  Use thurs_temp for 20% off you order!  But hurry, the code expires June 8th!

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