Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photographing flowers

When photographing flowers it is best to avoid full sun and high winds.
I placed my vase next to the kitchen window on my trusted kitchen counter.

You can see the neighbour's house and my tins on the window sill but these don't matter.
The first shot shows a close-up, however they're all in focus and the eye goes from one to the next trying to determine what it should be looking at. Nothing really sticks out or says "look at me!"
This next shot has the middle section in focus. This leads to the rose in the foreground being blurry. This create less confusion for the eye, but I don't like a big blurry something in the foreground - it feels like an eye sore to me.
With this next shot, there is only one whole rose that is in focus and the eye is lead straight there and lingers, no confusion with multiple things to look at. Better but still not my favourite.
I tried a different angle and this shot is also ok, nice depth of field, some context, no confusion.
Then I took this one and loved it. Even though the focal rose is in the centre of the image and not following the rule of thirds it is still my best shot.

So what do you think, do you take photos of your flowers?
They always look happy to me, they don't moan or blink when I try and snap their pictures.
These say "Happy 24th Anniversary" to me.

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amy! said...

Happy Anniversary..and very pretty flowers...love all the camera play and thanks for sharing.