Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The hub of the home

I am sure that every home has one.
The place that draws people, the place that things get dumped on.
The place where all the action happens.
In my home it happens to be the kitchen counter.
I like to keep it clear, because I function better that way. I am able to think or just exhale, if it is cluttered I feel a little rattled. Not when people are busy there but when it is left in a mess.

My DD had been shopping here and then wrapped the present she had bought for her friend. 
There are dirty cups and cloths and just evidence of activities.
The Easter bunny brings the eggs to the kitchen counter as well.

Food gets prepared on it, homework gets completed on it. The whole family revolves around the kitchen counter. Even though we have a dining room and a dining table we eat around the counter unless we have visitors - we only have 5 chairs at the counter.
My mother has a sign in her kitchen that says "no matter where I greet my guests, it seems they love my kitchen best".
So where is the hub of your home? Have you photographed it and captured the everyday details. as the family grows so the roles fulfilled there will change. We don't have toddlers playing with playdough anymore, no messy babies learning to eat, no high chairs. We have a biscuit jar that needs to be refilled often with hungry teenagers living at home. A jar with pens and pencils waiting to help with homework. Coffee has replaced juice as the seasons change and the temperature drops.

What stories do your homes tell?

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Natasha (alohacowgirl) said...

We have a kitchen bar too, and that's where everyone hangs out. We use it for almost everything, as it's the central point in our open concept kitchen/living area. I even usually have my laptop set up there, even though I have a desk in the kitchen too, where the laptop goes.