Tuesday, March 27, 2012

photos for projects

Whether you take part in project life, photos of a day (POTD or 365+1) or 52 layouts there are many sites to inspire you with great ideas for photos and tips on how to take them.
I do a photo a day because there are many small things that happen or things that my family do or says that is cute or memorable. I want a place to record them (not only in the blog) so they don't get lost and yet they don't really warrant a whole layout created about them.
I have been inspired by Ali Edwards week in the life too, to take ordinary everyday snapshots of us, the things we use everyday, our favourites and the way we live. These things can change virtually over night and oftentimes we don't know when the last time will be.

I took my daughter to the library and walked past a lady loading a screaming toddler into her car and I smiled. Not because I'm a sadist but because I remember when my DS was that age - a trip to the library wouldn't be complete without bringing home the postman pat video. and you know what? He's 16 now and one day he didn;t ask for postman pat and I never realized that his time had come to an end. I miss it. If I'd been documenting our lives through a photo a day in those years I would have a record, a photo of the importance postman pat an dhis little black cat played in our lives.

So here are just some of my favourite pics for 2012. I used Ali's dated overlays.
 One hot cat stretched out on the oldest's bed, alongside his table and various other technological gadgets that wouldn't have been found on my bed back in the day.
 The oldest is in college now so there are only three lunch boxes to prepare weekdays,
 Oh the places we've been, and bought fridge magnets from...

 I host a scrapping morning once a week, this photo represents the ladies and their orders of tea or coffee.

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Ramona said...

Wow! These are all so inspiring! I love your little tidbits of info. I feel like I know you and your family more, just from reading them and seeing the pictures! I need to do this more!