Thursday, March 1, 2012

Marching onto Thursday

Hello there, it's Stefanie wishing you a happy welcome to March, hope you enjoyed your extra Leap Day yesterday and that you did something fun or created something meaningful.

Ramona has a new Mixakit releasing today called: Springscape.

The designers at ScrapMatters are all given the same colour swatch to create with and their designs are very reasonably priced so that you can  literally mix and match from the whole selection in the store, here.
Ramona has these three compilations, a watercolour paper pack, a patterned paper pack and the cutest element pack. See that bird cage? Needs some birdies you think? Wait until tomorrow's reveal.

Need some more inspiration?
Here's one from Amy.
I would highly recommend you taking a look through Amy's gallery
if you're needed just a little more mojo added to your life.

Some more?

ScrapMatters is the place to be from today. 
Queen of Scrap, challenges, speed scraps and more.

I hope you're signed up for Ramon's newsletter by now.

This is the template you'd have been sent last week.
Shhh! I used it, I mean who could resist?

Now you've  also got another sneaky peek of Ramona's latest release 
- Simply Spring, due on the shelves tomorrow.

Now for your tip of the week:
When posting to the galleries we need to credit the designer(s) of the products we used.
 If we link to the actual product in the store it helps other's find the product too. 
You do need to abide by the rules of that particular store or gallery though. 
Scrapmatters only allow linking of products within their store.
The way to do it is :

[url=webaddress of the kit] kit name [/url] by designer

so [url=] Love U still Templates [/url] from MemoryClips by Ramona.

This link will then be highlighted when you hover your mouse over it and will take you to the product in store when you click on it. 

When done correctly all you will see is  Love U still Templates  from MemoryClips by Ramona.

Any questions?
Please leave me a comment and I will try and help.


lizanne said...

I have signed up for the newsletter numerous times, but each time I never get the confirmation email... Can you add me manually? lizanne AT

Meleah said...

I have also signed up every week or so for about two months and I have received two confirmation emails, but never an actual newsletter. If possible to sign me up manually please use gibson_guitarz AT hotmail DOT com thanks!

Ramona said...

Meleah, I went in to add you manually, but the system says you're already added. Is it possible they have gone to your spam folder?

Meleah said...

Nope, I check my spam folder regularly and I haven't seen anything. :(