Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Food photography from a scrapper's perspective.

To give you a glimpse into my world...
When I first read about Pi Day being the 14th of March I thought I can do that. 
Pi is special to me as my birthday is the 22nd of July (22/7)  π is a mathematical constant that is approximately equal to 3.14159265258...
 Part of my memory keeping strategy is also to build memories and to create traditions.
 I also think like a scrapbooker and this helps me to set up my meals, and to plan my photos.
I played with different angles and took before and after shots and tried to absorb all the comments the children were throwing at me at the same time.

When I chatted with my oldest, J (19) that I was thinking of doing this and suggesting that I do mashed potato and vegies with it, he said all a good pie needs is tomato sauce.
I still got some vegies to roast, ditched the potatoes choosing sweet potatoes instead and we ate supper. Hubby called and I wished him Happy Pi Day. He commended me on my lateral thinking and I took the compliment not happening to mention that I'd seen it somewhere in cyberspace first. He really is able to flow with words of encouragement and be so sweet to me.
 I had to take photos of him and his pie with only the tomato sauce as his veg accompaniment.
Then I dished up my food, with roasted veg and look who popped into the next shot.
 So I changed the focus point and took another of that little sniffing nose.
I just had to create a LO with all of these photos.
and her latest kit, Time for cake.
So here is my LO,
Please leave me a comment or link us up to your LO's 
if you've been inspired by anything posted here.

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lizanne said...

Just had to comment - cute meezer. =) I have 2 siameses myself (a blue point & a seal point), and don't often come across other people that have them.