Monday, February 13, 2012

Set Up Your Own Photo Studio

Stacy here and I’m so excited to share some photo ideas with you today. Each Tuesday you’ll find some great hints, tips, and techniques to help you be intentional about capturing life as it happens.

Maybe this doesn't happen in your home, but after all the photos I take in the fall and early winter - leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and if we're lucky some snow days- I forget about taking photos after the first of the year. I have years where I have absolutely nothing in my January folder!

So, for the next couple of weeks I’m going to show you how easy it is to set up your own little photo studio in your home to get some great shots of your kids or your pets even if you're stuck inside!

Here is what I used to do a photo shoot this past weekend with my two kids who are just about 10 and 13.

Eventually, we'll talk about all the things I used, but today we’re going to focus on the backdrop. I used a plain sheet taped to my wall. That’s it! That’s it?? Talk about a boring post, haha!
Really, though, a plain sheet in any color will work. I used a tan sheet for this shoot.

And also for a shoot I did a few years back while trying to get a good family Christmas photo.

When my kids were little I had dark green sheets and that gave a fun look, too. I draped the top sheet over my headboard (you could tape it up if you don’t have a headboard that lends itself to draping) and let them sit on the fitted sheet on the bed.
Of course a plain white or off-white sheet would give a classic look.

Don’t have a plain wall accessible? How about taping your sheet over a closet door? Or your front door? Or even your kitchen table if your subject will be sitting or laying in the shots. A sheet covering your baby’s car carrier would give them a nice plain background, too.
If you wanted to get really fancy you could build a stand to hold your sheet. I’m thinking you could do it pretty easily with PVC pipes-make a couple stands to hold up two uprights and another section across the top. But it doesn't have to be fancy to be effective. Really whatever is easiest for you so that it gets done!

I've already gotten one layout done with my photos from this weekend.

The kit is L8erSk8er from Digilicious Designs and I used the template Ramona gave away in her Feb 10th newsletter. Are you signed up for the newsletter? If not click on the newsletter button above so you don't miss any of her fabulous freebies!

Bottom line is...for a portrait have a plain background so that the focus is on your subject! So what are you going to use? Leave a comment and share your indoor background tips!

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