Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back Online!!

I apologize for such a long break from the blog.  Life got really crazy and with my increased time spent designing, plus just normal mom stuff, the blog sort of fell by the way side!

The good news is that I have a brand new, spectacular team to help me with the blog!  I have a bunch of talented ladies joining the already talented ladies on my creative team, but the four additional bloggers will be:


You will be hearing more from these ladies in the coming week!  I will be here on the weekends to post and give updates to all the fun things going on in my life, and they will be here to share more about them-post our prompts-tutorials-freebies, etc.!

We have so many fun things planned for you all!

For a quick update on me:  Things have been busy, but good.  My three oldest kids are getting ready for their performance of The Music Man which has meant lots of sewing and prep work for me.  I can't wait to show off pics of them!  I've also been doing other sewing as well and really enjoying it. I made my 2 daughters valentine's dresses and I'll post pics of them next weekend.  They turned out so cute!  My 12 year old, Mitchell has been doing school online through Connections Academy. It is working out so well for him, but that has meant a decrease in work time during the day!  I've also been enjoying some good television in the evenings!  I love to watch Modern Family and Parenthood and The Biggest Loser.  I recently heard great things about Downton Abbey and since I am obsessed with anything Old English, I can't wait to start watching Season 1 on Netflix.

That is about it for us, here!  I'm excited to get the blog going again!  Stay tuned tomorrow for more!


Nicole said...

It sounds like you're having a lot of fun with expanding your blog!

Stefanie said...

I am delighted to see you back to blogging and can't wait to jump in and play a part in this. I am grateful to your month of gratitude which sparked it all for me.
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