Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where did today go?

I am so sorry! I usually blog first thing in the morning, before most of the kiddos get up and need me!  But my oldest had a test to study for this morning and needed my computer to do so! By the time he was done and headed to school, well the craziness had begun!

I'll pick up my memory blogging tomorrow, but wanted to at least quickly post the freebie for today!

First, to give a little background, for friend/neighbor gifts this year, I wanted to make snowman kits! Of course, we have had little to no snow yet, so hopefully mother nature cooperates and gets us some snow soon!!!

Here is how my kits turned out:

I made the hat out of felt and bought some scraps of fleece at our local fabric store for the scarf!  Here is the blog where I got the tutorial for the hat:

And for today's freebie, I have a printable of the tag I used incase you want to make your own!

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Lindsey said...

That is such a cute idea for gifts!