Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sensory Issues

Every Tuesday, Sam and I go to a sensory class for a grant through Easter Seals.  It is free, except for $15 for the supplies.  It has been such a good experience and I'm learning so much.  Sensory issues are tough and they are something I knew nothing about just a few years ago.  I guess it is one more area of knowledge I'm getting the privilege of figuring out!  Actually, though, I love it!  I am so intrigued by all the different strategies that can be used to calm or alert a child.  So many of Sam's "behavior" problems are actually linked to his sensory issues and that is so nice to know.  It throws out all the strategies of discipline I may have used with my kids in the past, but those honestly don't work with a special needs child.  It is making such a difference in our day to day family life to know the little things I can do to help him.  For example, when he plays on the computer, he can sort of zone out and hates to be interrupted.  By having him sit on an exercise ball, while he playes, he stays more focused and doesn't melt when his time is up.  When he is crazy and silly and bouncing off the walls, I pull him into my lap and we rock back and forth.  Then I massage his arms and do a little popping motion into all of his arm, hand and finger joints and he literally turns to jello in my arms.  He calms right down.  These little tricks are like gold to a mom!  Believe me!

Other than that today, I did some coupon shopping (one of my favorite hobbies), scrapped 3 layouts, make 2 loaves of pumpkin bread and tried to enjoy my kids!  The days go by so fast and I can hardly keep up, but I'm thankful for my journaling time-at the end of each day!  It helps me account for what I've done and what I've wished I'd done!

Tonight's freebie is another card.  I haven't had a chance to play with this one, so I hope it works okay!

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I would love to see any projects you do with my templates!  Feel free to leave a comment, link me up, etc.!  I hope you are enjoying them!


Scrappy Diva said...

Thank you for this lovely template. I enjoyed learning about the sensory training you are doing with your son. Thanks for sharing this and enlightening all of us a bit more.

Anonymous said...

This is very nice, I can't wait to play with it!! Thank you!